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We do not have a commercial facility. Old English Sheepdogs like (NEED) to be part of a family, "in on the action" and with their person(s). They do NOT do well at all when left out alone. In kennels, runs, etc. All dogs in MOESR are fostered in private homes for the pet's emotional well being and physical safety. The dogs live with a foster family until adopted. * You can meet a dog you're interested in once you've submitted an application, and by appointment only. *
Please note: Although you may have submitted an application with a specific rescue dog in mind because of an adorable picture or interesting bio, we DO review your application to help decide which rescued OES is best suited for your family and needs of the rescued dog.

Again, thank you for your patience while we
find your forever best friend and family member.


~ The Adoption Process ~

Our adoption process is very similar
to the procedures of a reputable breeder:

* You can meet a dog you're interested in once you've
submitted an application and by appointment only. *

  1. Fill out the adoption application by clicking the button below

    This helps us find the best match for you and your lifestyle.

  2. We share a telephone interview. You interview us as we interview you. Please feel free to ask lots of questions! You will want to learn as much as possible about the animal you are looking to adopt.

  3. An agent from MOESR will complete a reference check, including your veterinarian and a home visit will be scheduled.

  4. If all are in agreement to go forward with an adoption, we then match you with the rescue OES that best fits your family and lifestyle.

If you have any questions during the process,
please call our Placement Director. Thank you!

* Please e-mail us for a list of
OES rescues in your area!! 

Simply leave your name & contact information. We will forward it to the OES rescues in your area. -- There are many OES across the country in need of your love. Please note: Not all OES rescues have a space on the Internet. Many operate by word of mouth and/or by referrals only. There may be an OES looking for a home very near your own -- Waiting just for you!!

"Why Should I Adopt an OES
or Other Homeless Canine?"

There is a wonderful dog in need of a home waiting for you!

By adopting, you are helping to save the life of a dog in need of a forever home. Dogs purchased from a commercial kennel, pet store, puppy mill, or backyard breeder perpetuates the "puppies-for-profit" industry.

Rescue organizations are not against all breeding. There are a few high quality, conscientious, reputable breeders who understand the need to continue the breed without contributing to the countless number of homeless pets each year.


To Live With an Old English Sheepdog Requires PATIENCE and a GOOD SENSE of HUMOR...

This breed can be bumptious and flighty, and can become restless and flaky if confined too much. They can also be STUBBORN, and can become aggressive if treated harshly. A trainer who is familiar with Old English Sheepdog behavior and who works only in POSITIVE reinforcement training is strongly recommended! Daily walks and play time help the OES work off some of their energy and they return home a tired couch or doggy-bed potato!


An OES who is trained with positive reinforcement training can likely be the greatest dog you'll come across. Personality plus. They thrive on being with their people, "in on the action" and being the object of your affection. A properly trained OES is a best friend for life and will return your affection ten fold.


*OES require a great amount of grooming time and attention or their coat will become matted, and possibly odorous. A matted OES is at great risk for skin conditions and hot spots "moist dermatitis". A matted OES has no isolation from the elements of either heat or cold. This can be prevented with care and regular grooming. *OES also need special attention paid to their paw pads. The fur between the pads must be clipped very short or clippered to prevent dirt and debris from injuring the paw pad. In winter months, snow and ice can pack into the pads causing frost bite and permanent injury to the pad. During all months, an OES is at risk of picking up toxins on the their pads such as oil, antifreeze, salt, debris, etc. Special care and attention must be paid to avoid injury to your bobtails pads. * OES grow hair in and deep inside their ear canal. Along with the wax build up, this can be a breeding ground for bacteria and infection. The ears of an OES should be cleaned weekly with ear cleaner and dried thoroughly. At the same time - all hair inside should be pulled (removed) to prevent possible infection or hearing loss. Look inside your dogs ears. Are they clean? Dirt, wax, debris and hair free? *We will help you with ANY grooming questions you might come across with your OES. *Please be prepared to spend hours at home grooming along with trips to a professional groomer regularly. Grooming can be a wonderful bonding experience between you and your rescued friend. A well groomed OES is a happy OES and a happy family!

'maisie, spenser 'n fletcher'


Have small children?

While some believe that OES are good with small children and the thought of having a "Nanny" companion for your little ones sounds romantic -- Please remember that the NUMBER ONE reason OES get SURRENDERED to pounds, shelters and rescue is because the OES grows too large for the children and their family. OES are rambunctious and have been known to knock down children in play. They are only doing what their herding instincts are telling them to do ... but the dog gets blamed for accidents that could have been prevented by waiting just a little longer until your child(ren) are a little older. Remember! That cute little puppy you see will be a LARGE puppy in just a few short months. They grow big very quickly. ** Please ask us how to get answers, daily support and other advice from OES owners with lots of experience in this regard before considering adding an OES to your family. *An older OES with a proven sound temperament amongst children may be a better option for your family *

'sammi and her pal'



In addition, OES like to chew. Please be prepared with healthy chews and healthy chew toys like Pizzles AKA Bully Bones, Booda bones, some Nylabones, stuffed - then frozen Kongs, etc. to satisfy this need. Pressed rawhide or a rawhide chips (in moderation!) and 'Made in the USA' (rawhides made outside of the USA are not regulated and may contain formaldehyde) With the possible exception of a stuffed Kong or Nylabone for strong chewers, please do not leave your dog unattended with it's chews.

'louie, grover 'n sophie (deaf)'

"Uh ohh! Someone needs training!"

Some uprights (humans) need to be trained not to leave food items on counters. NOTE: This pair was fostered with MN OES Rescue... their foster mum has since been trained!  Click here for information on Positive Reinforcement Training.

'harlow 'n lily'

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